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Passive Solar Design and Sustainable Energy Efficient Homes

Design for Seasons are sustainable house designers and builders, delivering a building design service specialising in solar, energy efficient, sustainable homes. 

At Design For Seasons the focus is on passive solar design and energy efficient homes, buildings that are thermally comfortable throughout the year, meet the owner’s needs and are as individual as the owners themselves.

As eco-friendly home builders we consider appropriate use of materials to suit the context of the site and the client’s preferences, such as rammed earth, brick, stone, timber, steel, concrete, and innovative composite building systems. These are combined to create buildings that harmonize with the environment, suit the local climate and meet your vision and needs.

Areas of design include individual houses, sustainable home renovations and additions, group housing developments, commercial developments and community buildings.

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Why consider solar building design and sustainable builders?

Here are some of the benefits:

Using the free energy of the sun and cooling breezes to enhance comfort levels.
The sun is a free energy resource that can be taken advantage of in the colder months of the year. By allowing the winter sun into living spaces we can store that heat energy in the fabric of the building such as walls and floors having high thermal mass such as rammed earth walls or concrete floors. This heat energy is slowly released back into the living spaces later in the day and into the evening, making for a more thermally comfortable space.

Cooling breezes such as the afternoon sea breeze in summer can be directed into the interior spaces of the home, which help to cool these spaces and the occupants. Cool night breezes are also desirable in the warmer months to enhance comfort levels.

Appropriate building orientation to best take advantage of the site conditions and local climate.
The most important aspect of passive solar design is the correct orientation of the building on the site. Ideally the living areas should be orientated towards the north to take advantage of the sun which is predominately in the northern sky. Of course, there are other considerations, such as views, the slope of the land, access, and existing vegetation, all of which have an influence on the final positioning of a building.

The use of natural light resulting in airy and well lit spaces.
With passive solar design, internal spaces are always full of natural light, with views to courtyards, distant landscapes or vast skies.

Less reliance on mechanical heating and cooling resulting in lower energy bills and reduced greenhouse gases.
A big advantage of an energy efficient home is the savings on energy bills throughout the year, and the resultant reduction in polluting greenhouse gases through the burning of fossil fuels.

A healthy living environment which is uplifting to the spirit.

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Building my new home with Design for seasons was an enjoyable experience. Gary took all the stress out of the process by listening to my needs, always being available to answer questions and going out of his way to help with the myriad of choices that need to be made. His team of trades people were first class. On the building site there was always a harmonious relationship between the trades and all clearly had a great deal of respect for Gary. The result was a happy comfortable home for me with a high standard of finish. I have no hesitation in recommending Gary and his team.

Designing our cottage with Gary was a lot of fun, he was very patient and understanding to our ideas. He listens and responded really well to the detail that was important to us as a family. Thanks Gary for your inspiration and patients. regards Natasha

We used Design for Seasons to design our home which was built in 2011. He listened to what we needed and came up with a unique house design that is eco. friendly, suits our block, fitted our budget and works brilliantly for us. We think Gary is a very good eco. designer.

Gary is very patient, he didn’t rush us and made great suggestions during the planning process. He has succeeded in producing a design we really love. Gary and his associates did the hard work but we feel this is truly our home.
Bill and Audrey

Design for Seasons provided a comprehensive and well prepared set of documents for the build. This comprised :- Civil, Structural and Architectural drawings, detailed Specification and build cost estimate.
We had a basic floor plan in mind and specified space and light as being vital. The end result was exceptional. Any comments we had were heeded. 
Design for Seasons were very good at understanding our requirements and provided a lot of input in terms of sustainability and interior and exterior design.
We have participated in four Sustainable House Day open days and have had a very good response (given the travel distance from Perth) both in terms of visitor numbers
appreciation of the design.