Exterior Image of House in Beverley

Beverley Studio

This little building between Beverley and Brookton is a like a gem in the vast paddocks and rolling hills of this sheep and wheat growing area. Conceived around the shape and form of the Mongolian Yurt, but constructed of more heavier and permanent materials. The owner uses the building as a weekender and possibly longer stays when time permits, for activities such as gardening, art and craft, and enjoying the country environment.

The segmented walls of glass and mini-orb face north to capture heat from the winter sun which is absorbed by the exposed concrete floor and rammed earth walls and slowly released back into the internal spaces.

These heavy rammed earth walls also help maintain cool internal temperatures in summer by absorbing unwanted heat. The roof is capped by a roof light with openings to flush out unwanted hot air, not unlike the opening at the apex of the Mongolian Yurt. This roof light also brings natural light into the building.

Materials include rammed earth, concrete floor slab, timber window and door frames, double glazing, timber internal lining, custom orb roofing, mini orb external lining and Jarrah bush poles.

The rooms include an open plan living / kitchen area in the shape of a half yurt, 1 bedroom, a combined bathroom / laundry, and a composting toilet. At the rear of the building is a craft room under the verandah roof and an external trough for crafty activities. Deep verandahs to 3 sides of the building provide shade and protection.

Studio Bath Design in Beverley

A large rainwater tank provides all the water needs. The demand on water is reduced through the use of the composting toilet. Power is generated onsite by an array of photo-voltaic panels and fed back into the grid. It is expected that the power utility will be paying the owner rather than the other way around given the small use of power and the intermittent use of the building.