Byford Residence

Byford Residence

The owner of this home had built with rammed earth in the past and was wanting to use this unique and tactile material again in her new house. She understood the thermal benefits and feeling of solidity living with this natural building material.

The design brief was for a house with 3 bedrooms and a hobby room for an extended family and a self-contained granny flat under the main roof sharing a common laundry and alfresco area.There is a double garage, large verandah, courtyard spaces, and a separate storage building and rain water tank.

All the external walls are rammed earth and internal walls to the living, dining and passage.Some of these internal rammed earth walls are feature walls of different layered coloured oxides and sand. Another feature wall designed by the owner and contractor is the “Tree of Life”.


This is a moulded stylised tree with precious rocks embedded into the wall, creating a very personalised feature wall.The floor plan is a rectangular shape with the longer side of the building facing east of north to fit within the building envelope and site orientation.

The building is no deeper than 2 rooms allowing for good cross ventilation. The undercover alfresco is on the north / east corner and is accessed from the main kitchen / dining area and the granny flat living area. Double glazing is used throughout to prevent heat loss and heat gain. Ceiling fans are installed to all bedrooms and living spaces.

The rainwater tank provides all the water usage to the house and can switch over to the mains water supply when getting too low. This house was designed to meet the owner’s emphasis on family, extending over 3 generations.