A detailed and carefully staged approach is taken during the design and documentation process


Design For Seasons offers a comprehensive building design and documentation service with an emphasis on passive solar and sustainable design principles.

Building construction is also available for those clients who want a complete design and construction service. This design and construction service ensures your project is built as designed and detailed to meet the required levels of sustainability, energy efficiency and aesthetics. No misunderstandings or omissions, just a building completed as envisioned from concept to final drawings.

For those clients who want a competitive tender at the building stage, Design For Seasons can also assist in tender negotiations with selected builders. Contract administration or site supervision, working alongside your selected builder, can also be arranged at the building stage.

A detailed and carefully staged approach is taken during the design and documentation process.

These stages include:

  • A site visit, assessment and recommendations
  • Design interview and design brief
  • Concept sketches and elevations and a preliminary opinion of cost
  • Design development drawings, a materials and fixtures schedule, and an estimated cost to build.
  • A full set of architectural working drawings, specification and consultants’ drawings.
Roof with Eaves

Design considerations include:

  • Site impact and scale of the building
  • Use of sustainable building materials
  • Water conservation and collection
  • Grey water recycling
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Energy use for heating and cooling, hot water service and lighting.

Designs are based on the client’s vision and needs, always relating to the human scale and spirit. Designs that prioritise natural light with a connection to the outside. Designs that utilize the free energy of the sun and cooling breezes to enhance comfort levels. Designs that rely less on mechanical heating and cooling and result in lower energy bills.

Clients are encouraged to monitor the performance of the building and offer any feedback after living in the building. In fact most clients have become friends and “committed to solar design.”